Beauty Hacks You Should Try


Makeup should be fun, not frustrating — and you definitely don’t need to fork over a bundle to look great. These DIY beauty hacks are fast, easy, and will help you look amazing without spending a fortune. Save time, save money, and get gorgeous — really, what more can you ask for?

#1 The Tiny Power Exfoliator

Kiwi fruit contain high vitamin C levels that even out skin texture and fight damage and when scrubbed on the face, they act as tiny exfoliators. The best ways to use them? Slice them and apply or mash them into a paste that can be left on to improve your complexion.


#2 Have A Beer

It may sound outlandish but rinsing your hair with a bottle of beer after using shampoo and conditioner can actually benefit your precious locks. Yeast and hops can add volume to your hair and the acidity of beer helps remove built-up product residue while adding a shine.

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