13 Places To Travel In Africa

You’ve traveled to Africa, and you want to experience everything this continent has to offer. There are many breathtaking areas to see but where to start? Take some time to do your research and plan out where you want to go. It will all be worth in the end when you capture the most beautiful places in Africa on camera.

#1. Table Mountain in South Africa

From the air it is an amazing site to see. Table Mountain has spectacular beaches and is a great attraction to capture on film. You can take cable cars to experience the views, including the sunrise and sunset. If you’re afraid of heights, don’t go on the cable cars. The ground view is just as impressive as the view from the sky.

#2. Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

It is certainly an experience you will never forget. They’re size isn’t the only impressive thing about these gorillas. They’re eyes will pierce your soul. Tours are available in the forest to see these magnificent creatures.

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